Introducing Our 3rd Generation
Ostomy Bag Cover . . . The Primera Pouch!

We have come a long way since our original design almost 10 years ago by establishing ourselves as an industry leader in ostomy bag covers with thousands of customers worldwide. Customer feedback has influenced our continuous improvement and we are now extremely proud to offer our best selling and most remarkable ostomy bag cover ever.

Our all new ostomy bag cover THE PRIMERA POUCH not only has eliminated the waistband hooks for increased fit and function but also integrates a soft and functional internal pouch to better hold the ostomy bag in place.



Breathable Fabric

Exclusive patented design constructed with a unique stretchable and breathable material available in flesh tone tan and black.


Slide Adjustment

Soft, smooth, sleek and available in four sizes with a leg strap slide adjuster for a personal fit. Interchangeable for either a right or left side ostomy bag position.


Quiet & Concealing

Eliminates the crunching noises, pendulum swinging and bulky silhouettes.


Stays In Place

Provides comfort and confidence during workouts, swimming, sunbathing, intimacy, and other times when a firming garment is useful.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. Great for keeping your ostomy pouch close to the body under a dress or skirt. Linda T.

Ostomy Garment Designed for Comfort, Confidence & Intimacy

Our fashionable ostomy bag cover design was created after scrutinizing for years over form and fabric selection. Our innovative fabric is a soft, breathable, exclusive superblend neoprene material with remarkable stretching dimensions and a thin wall sponge-foam like quality. Primera is truly remarkable by including both a texture that allows it to become virtually indistinguishable to the touch and has a design that holds in place its contents during active body movements.


Dynamic Occasions

Many times an important characteristic for an ostomy bag cover is to conceal the ostomy bag. Situations ranging from reducing the ostomy bag cover silhoutte while wearing snugly fitted clothing to various athletic endeavors, the Primera Pouch ostomy bag cover was designed with concealing and silencing properties to maximize effectiveness during a variety of uses. The all NEW Primera Pouch ostomy bag cover integrates a soft and and functional internal pouch to better hold the ostomy bag in place and keep it from slipping out of the side or bottom of the ostomy cover. The leg strap uses a sliding adjuster with both a left and right side waistband/leg strap attachment loop incorporated into the design to conceal either a left or right side ostomy bag.


Confident Sexuality

Sexuality issues are common concerns for people with ostomy bags. Linked closely to our feelings of sexuality is how we think about our body image and ourselves. Another, often overlooked aspect of sexuality, is the emotional sentiment of our partner. How does the couple react and adjust to this situation for continued intimate gratification?

The Primera Pouch ostomy bag cover fulfills this important facet by providing an ostomy bag cover that finally allows the user and their partner to experience the positive feelings of sexuality that may have been lost or diminished. Our ostomy bag cover design delivers a sensually attractive piece that holds the ostomy bag in a very inconspicuous manner and fashioned with material and design that allows the pendulous motion to be compressed and at the same time softening the annoying crunching bag sounds while helping the couple to attain as close as possible to a pre-surgical experience.

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